The Green Dream

Taking over a million cars off the road – ESG Global Bonds with PIMCO’s Tina Adatia

June 27, 2022 James Baird
The Green Dream
Taking over a million cars off the road – ESG Global Bonds with PIMCO’s Tina Adatia
Show Notes

PIMCO (Pacific Investment Management Company, LLC) is one of the largest fund managers in the world, managing more than $2 trillion (USD) in assets for investors and focusing on active fixed income management. In this interview I discuss PIMCO’s ESG Global Bond fund with Tina Adatia, executive vice president and product strategist in PIMCO’s London office. 

Previously, Tina was an account manager focusing on the Middle East and North Africa region.  She joined PIMCO in 2004, has 17 years of investment experience and holds an undergraduate degree in economics and actuarial science from the University of Southampton.

 The global bond market is larger than equity markets in size, so it is a crucial area for ethical investors seeking positive impact. Described as a pioneer in developing the green bond market globally, PIMCO’s size and scale puts them in a position to be able to lead the industry and drive positive change. In this discussion we talk about the ESG Global Bond fund’s focus on financing positive projects and investing in climate leaders - including reducing carbon emissions, better treatment of workers, and provision of basic services in developing countries. The fund’s carbon intensity is 72% lower than the index - in real world terms, this is equivalent to taking over a million cars off the road for a year. 

 I hope you enjoy this discussion with Tina Adatia of PIMCO.   

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